Friday, April 23, 2010

Wild Orgasms (Give Her Wild and Screaming Orgasms)

Wild Orgasms (Give Her Wild and Screaming Orgasms)
By []Chris Walez

Giving your woman wild orgasms and making her scream every time you make love in bed is all about your sexual skills. You can learn doing romance with your woman but romance simply does not work without sexual skills when it comes to give her earth-shattering orgasms. Women do not want plain boring lovemaking where the man penetrates her and expects her to have screaming orgasms.

Great love making starts from sensual touching. Having incredible sex is all about sensual touching and staying connected with her brain. Feel her skin, stroke her arms, rub her body softly and make your touch soft. Touching is all about feeling. Feel her body with your hands and turn her on mentally because "Women biggest sex organ is their Brain."

You have to create massive amount of excitement in order to give her screaming orgasms. Anticipation is the first key for giving her mind blowing and screaming orgasms. When you have her as hot as lioness in the fire, do oral exploration and make her go wild with wild screaming orgasms.

Tips for giving her Wild Orgasms:

1. Intense Oral: Your tongue should be naturally lubricated with saliva while giving her oral pleasure. Give quick sucks on her clitoris, thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, use your fingers with tongue and do french kissing on her clitoris. If you combine all these tips then you can definitely give her wild orgasms and make her scream with pleasure.

2. Warm Feet: This is one of the greatest tips you can use to make her scream with mind blowing orgasms every time you make love. Many guys make mistake by not focusing on women feet. You have to keep her feet warm because feet are connected to the biggest sex organ, Brain. Increase your chances up to 70 percent, for giving her wild orgasms, by rubbing and warming her feet.

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Article Source: [] Wild Orgasms (Give Her Wild and Screaming Orgasms)

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